The award winning yacht, Helios is not an ordinary yacht. A secret lies in her sailing. The unique yacht is amazing creation that harnesses the sun’s power as her names suggest. The name is taken from Titan god of the sun. Helios is the personification of the sun in Greek mythology. Unlike any other yacht, ship’s battery has the capacity to store up to 355 KWh making it a perfect and most functional water vessel.

Designed by mastermind Ferrari Franchi, the vessel is hybrid with unparalleled luxury and unsurpassed lavishness. The yacht is spacious enough to carry all your loved ones abroad to marvel at the unique solar sail technology of the yacht. On this marvelous yacht design, the designer is named Young Designer of the Year 2015 by Boat International Media.

The yacht is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. The 55 foot yacht is powered by the diesel electric motor. The large black sails are not just for beauty of the yacht but they are made of flexible silicone solar cells thus, increasing the yacht capacity to absorb sun rays that assist in powering the yacht.

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Experience Yacht Chartering: A Memories for Forever

It’s a typical myth that Dubai is all about Skyscrapers, Beautiful Gardens, Desert Safari and Shopping Malls. It’s additionally emirates that offer various ways to unwind for each individual either as a person or with friends. Traveling on yacht in Dubai is truly an exotic and lifetime entertaining experience. Individuals from different parts of the world visit Dubai every year to feel the real excitement.

Traveling on a Yacht, the Real Excitement for Visitors

To get a whole new perspective of the city’s overwhelming horizon, experience it from the seas a luxurious yacht rental in Dubai. A couple of associations offer yacht contract services, and go up against you a comfortable excursion past the Dubai Marina and out to the Dubai seas. You are managed to remarkable perspectives of the popular Burj Al Arab and Atlantis the Palm as your yacht goes around Palm Jumeirah. You can go on a day expedition and feel the warm sun and the resuscitating sea breeze all over; or you can take a nightfall venture where you can enjoy the splendid Arabian sun slowly float down the skyline. Night ventures are best to enjoy the real beauty of Dubai on a Yacht.

Enjoy Peaceful and Pleasing Ride of a Yacht

Traveling on a yacht is a peaceful ride that everybody needs to enjoy, while visiting Dubai. This is the activity that interests not only kids, but elders too. This noiseless and calm atmosphere will make your visit to Dubai more charismatic and pleasing. One of the best experiences about riding on a yacht is viewing the dusk; this experience is beyond the words. For some impetuous time with your dearest one or family time with cruise, activities can be organized by propensity.

Traveling on a Yacht is Incomparable:

A Dubai yacht chartering offers the best intends to adore most romantic and ideal time with your friends and family in the secure and most exceptional way. Consequently, make sure that you approached the best yacht chartering company in Dubai, if you really want to make your trip memorable. The entertainment you will experience on Yacht is unique and incomparable. Thus, whenever you plan to visit Dubai, make sure to get ride on lavish yacht offers by the yacht charter Dubai, truth be told keep it on top of your preference list.

Experience Yacht Chartering: A Memories for Forever